2015: Why this year is a success for diversity

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Nirvana Naves (2nd to the right, of Guyanese and Dutch descent).

Nirvana Naves (2nd to the right, of Guyanese and Dutch descent)

Women of color, of mixed racial descents, transgenders, and Asians were not only warming up the runway, but they were everywhere this year. From print ads to commercials, runway shows to show openers, diversity was the main theme of modeling this year. And I cannot be any happier.

Transgender model Andreja Pejic.

Transgender model Andreja Pejic


Indian model Bhumika Arora.

Indian model Bhumika Arora


Transgender model Hari Nef.

Transgender model Hari Nef


Indian model Pooja Mor.

Indian model Pooja Mor

I’ve blogged a lot about the transgender models making waves, the likes of Hari Nef and Andreja Pejic, and the fact that androgyny is one of the leading themes for modeling this year.

Indian models like Pooja Mor and Bhumika Arora also made waves this year, so did Guyanese-Dutch model Nirvana Naves, Moroccan-Egyptian model Imman Hammam, Jamaicans Tami Williams and Kai Newman, African-American Selena Forrest and Lineisy Montero.

Jamaican model Tami Williams.

Jamaican model Tami Williams


African-American model Selena Forrest.

African-American model Selena Forrest


African-American model Lineisy Montero.

African-American model Lineisy Montero


Jamaican model Kai Newman.

Jamaican model Kai Newman


Morrocan-Egyptian model Imman Hammam.

Morrocan-Egyptian model Imman Hammam

And don’t forget the Asians who took the runways by storm: Jing Wen, Yuan Bo Chao and Wangy Xinyu.

Yuan Bo Chao

Yuan Bo Chao


Wang Xingyu

Wang Xingyu


Jing Wen

Jing Wen

Here is a video with Imman Hammam:


It’s always fascinating that the modeling world continues to accept those that others cannot. And this is one of the reasons why I love working in this industry. It may bite, but it celebrates diversity like no other.

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