23 Life Lessons from Supermodel Karlie Kloss

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karlie kloss birthday

Karlie Kloss, one of our favorite VS Angels, just turned 23 last week. And what can we learn from this young supermodel who has a cookie business, one of the world’s richest models, and has three million followers on Instagram?

Here are Karlie Kloss’s 23 life lessons:

  • Facetime with your family during your free time.
  • Hard work pays off.
  • Have time for yourself. But if you take too much time for yourself, and you’re late, bring some baked goodies.
  • Not everyone will like you. AND THAT’S OKAY.
  • If someone calls you names, it’s okay.
  • Blondes seem to have more fun.
  • COFFEE is the best thing on earth.
  • Failure is okay as long as you learn from your mistakes.
  • Wear colorful things because life is too short to always be wearing black.
  • When given a chance, hold a baby.
  • Every now and then, step outside of your comfort zone – it makes you grow.
  • Choose happiness.
  • Choose SLEEP.
  • When it doubt, blue steel it out.
  • Always keep chocolate nearby.
  • An emoji says a thousand words.
  • The best accessory is a smile.
  • Always let the person with the longest arms take the selfie.
  • You’re never too old to call mom for help.
  • Coding is the language of the future.
  • Make sure your alarm is set for AM, not PM.
  • It makes Karlie Kloss happy if people subscribe to her Youtube channel.
  • Karlie still has a lot to learn.


What’s your favorite Karlie life lesson? 😀

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