5 Most Influential Victoria’s Secret Angels

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As of 14 VS Angels have a tremendous amount of social media power, some of them are definitely far more influential than others, according to a new study, by analyzing the supermodels’ online influence from each social media platform that determines an individual’s ranking amongst others in any variety of categories the most powerful Angel really is—and to probably no one’s surprise, it was Adriana Lima!

Well, here at the rest of the top 5 Angels.


5. Lily Aldridge

Instagram: @lilyaldridge – Followers: 5.1m

4. Josephine Skriver

Instagram: @josephinskriver “The Society Management Pr – full picture Twitter – @josephinskriver Snap – @jojoskriver Weibo – Josephine Skriver NYC #subskrivers ❤️❤️❤️“- Followers: 4.1m

3. Taylor Hill

Instagram: @taylor_hill “Taylor Hill 360 Management: Beau Swayze [email protected], Nichole King [email protected] IMG Models: Liz Carpenter [email protected]” – Followers: 8.5m

2.  Alessandra Ambrosio

Instagram: @alessandraambrosio “Alessandra Ambrosio 👻 leleambrosio11“- Followers: 8.6m

1. Adriana Lima

Instagram: @adrianalima “Adriana Lima A1 🌟 Valentina and Sienna’s mom👧🏻👧🏻 GUIDED BY THE HEART ❤️” – Followers: 11m


Well, I’m not surprised for Adriana to be the top. Who doesn’t love her, right? Don’t forget to follow our stunning models on their Instagram accounts.

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