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We all know how hard it is to become a model. With all those wardrobes that you need to look good into, the signature walk you need to have, that one trademark pose you’ll make, the papparazzi! You also need to take care of your body; you have to be fit, and have a good care of your skin and face. Posing for magazines and taking the runway for clothing brands is nearly the peak of being a model. That is the goal of every models around the world. But before getting into there, you have to start from the bottom.

So, I’m giving you here 5 steps to become a model.

1. Find an Agency

Modelling Agencies should be your priority when you want to become a model. Getting signed to one will help you arrange castings, and job roles with their wide connection, which will be hard if you’ll do this alone. Try to apply to different agencies so that it can give you better chances to find to a reputable one which will be a stepping stone to reach your goal.

2. Create your portfolio

Your portfolio will showcase your talent, experiences, and potencial to your future clients that’s why it’s important to give a strong impression in your portfolio. Putting together a professional portfolio will showcase your ability to industry experts and ignite your modelling career. Make sure it’s updated and relevant with each other to give yourself a better chance. A portfolio is the perfect chance to express your all your talents  professionally with just one look. You can have your portfolio via a printed or online version.

3. Change to a healthier lifestyle

Being a model, it’s important to have a smooth skin, flawless look, and a fit and healthy body. It’s better to change into a healthier diet, choosing wisely with your food, drinking plenty of water, and working out. This will help your plight in finding modelling jobs as appearance is key to success in a judgemental industry. Have a professional coach or trainer that will help you in guiding your diet and exercise.

4. Go to castings

Castings are extremely important on your journey in becoming a model. Attend as many castings as possible that the model agency arranges in hope of securing a job. Do not become disheartened by rejection as it is a natural process of the modelling industry that hopefuls are expected to deal with regularly. Be persistent and keep attending castings to improve your chances of being picked.

5. Volunteer!

To gain experiences in modelling, it fine to volunteer for unpaid work. Sometimes, it’s a necessary step, as some young hopefuls may be ignored but if you have proof of photoshoots and you can showcase your experience, it will help you. By volunteering, you can show your potential and capabilities with your clients, which can help them with their decision. You can also approach student photographer who’s still starting out so that the both of you can come up with perfect images in which the both of you can benefit!

Go ahead and pursue that career that you’ve always dreamed of!

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