A Model’s Guide: Are Insecurities Worth It?

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So how could it be possible that you are insecure, when you are able to make money and build a career solely based on how you look?


Ridiculous! Alright, ready for some online honesty? I am very insecure about how my body looks. Why? The true awareness and insecurity came with this job. I can imagine that you would expect this exactly the other way around, because apparently the way I look is nice enough that people pay to make pictures of it! I wish it would be that easy. Really. But think for a second to whom I compare my body on a daily bases. I work with some of the best looking women and men in the world, that have bodies that are stunning. And then there’s me. Of course, compared to them I don’t exactly look like a VS Angel.


Modeling may be glamorous at times but it can also be stressful. Whether you are just starting out in the business, a young model new to the work environment or a veteran facing new challenges, you will need a strong character, determination, well developed self-esteem and resilient psychological make-up for a career in the modeling industry.

When you first start out in your career the challenges may seem daunting. You were not born on a catwalk or in front of the lens. It will take time and practice to learn the tricks of the trade. Accept that you might make mistakes but positively learn from them and use the knowledge to grow and develop yourself as a model. Reward yourself when things go well and forgive yourself if something doesn’t go quite to plan. Educate yourself in every aspect of your career. Keep your wardrobe up to date and your hair, skin and nails in top condition. Get plenty of sleep, eat well and exercise regularly. Try to develop other things in your life that are important such as sports, dancing, or theatre. If you’re still at school, concentrate on your academic studies. It is important to find a work/life balance.


Taking an interest in current events will show you have other talents which will boost your confidence in interviews and castings. Fight your inner critic and stop comparing yourself to others. You need to feel secure with stylists adjusting your clothes, hair and make-up; there may be little time for modesty, but do speak up if you are feeling vulnerable. It is perfectly acceptable to tell the photographer that you are not comfortable in a particular garment or pose, just be diplomatic in your approach.

A handy phrase once suggested to model and actress, Alexa Brown was “Believe in yourself because if you don’t, why would anyone else.” Confidence sells! Practice walking into a room or casting with your head held high, shoulders back. Just by acting self assured you will give the right impression and it might soon start to feel real! As your career develops, you will naturally become more confident and feel more prepared.

What do you think? Are insecurities worth it then?

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