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With the presidential elections coming up at the end of this year, we hear all kinds of dirty laundry being aired out. Donald Trump, a Republican nominee for president, is not new to this kind of thing, nor is the modeling industry.

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Trump Modeling Agency is being sued by one of its former models, 22 year old Jamaican Alexia Palmer, because the company didn’t pay her the amount that they promised on her contract. The amount of $75,000 per year was promised to Alexia Palmer and it was even written on her H-1B  work visa to the US.

She claimed that she was only paid $3,880,  plus cash advances of $1,100, in the 3 year duration that she worked for the modeling agency. These payments were from her 21 shoots.

The modeling agency claims that the reason why Alexia Palmer didn’t make the amount of money that she’s supposed to is because nobody was asking for her.

What do you think of this? Do you think that Trump Modeling Agency shouldn’t have promised the amount of money? Do you think that Alexia Palmer should’ve made a wiser choice before joining Trump Modeling Agency?

Watch this video to find out more about this issue:

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