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I just read an article on Urbanette Magazine about the crazy dangerous toxins that are in lipsticks and lip gloss. I googled the subject and found that it’s all true! The FDA basically doesn’t protect us at all. For all you girls out there wearing lipstick for photoshoots, make sure not to lick your lips, and definitely take it off with natural makeup remover (I love using olive oil) as soon as you can!

Definitely read this awesome Urbanette article: Is Your Lipstick Lethal?

A short excerpt:

“The scariest thing about all of this is that the problems previously stated can begin with symptoms as subtle as a couple of headaches and feeling sleepy or irritable! That’s why it’s imperative to address your symptoms right away because once the metals build up in our systems, the damage made cannot be undone. Prevention is the best option when it comes to metal poisoning so it’s important to cut down in whatever way possible. In other words, toss out your lead-filled lipstick. NOW!”

And remember: most models look their best with very natural makeup. All you need is a touch of organic lip balm. My favorite is a brand called Hive – their organic coconut flavor smells like vacation and looks glossy and gorgeous.

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Wow – I’m definitely going to check all my lipsticks on from now on. This is crazy!


Yeah, it’s really incredible that the FDA doesn’t regulate cosmetics.

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