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Modeling is a tough sport and DNA Model Management understands the fierceness of it all. This is why the owner of DNA Model Management, David Bonnouvrier, sits down on the booking board every day, handpicking his own models. You don’t see this happening anymore, you actually barely see this in the modeling industry. In fact, owners of modeling agencies rarely do this. As such, this is one way DNA Model Management maintains their high ranks in the modeling world.

David Bonnouvrier’s keen eye for potential supermodels has landed him stars such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Amber Valletta, Natalia Vodianova, Saskia de Brauw, Shalom Harlow, Doutzen Kroes, Edie Campbell, Nadja Auermann, and Raquel Zimmermann, among many others.

The Agents Rule

DNA Model Management also believes that not only should the owner be the only one engaged in model selection, but also the agents. This is why Marguerite Franklin, Didier Fernandez, and Trudi Tapscott are a few of the modeling agents that gets this job done with intense passion for model selection.

These agents also understand what it means to be out there and searching for your luck in the modeling industry, which is why they are concerned about the hundreds of potential models that are being lured by fake companies. Watch this video as DNA agents explain what you can do to avoid being scammed and how DNA model management keeps their agency reputation pristine:

Do you have the DNA?

Like all modeling agencies, you just need to submit your portfolio to the following email addresses

For females: [email protected]
For males: [email protected]

And you can check their website out for more inspiration and information:

DNA Model Management is really taking the scamming of potential models seriously and they advise that if you are approached by someone claiming to be a DNA agent, you are free to verify their identity by calling +1 212-226-0080 extension 9001.


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