Here’s a proof that vloggers can be on a Victoria’s Secret Runway Show!

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Meet vlogger Leomie Anderson. She is no as Adriana Lima nor Gigi Hadid, but she made it to Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. How? By being herself.

If you’ve been scouring YouTube for beauty vloggers, the odds are, you would have come across this British model’s vlog. Here is a video of her doing a product review:


Isn’t she fun? I browsed through more of her videos and I saw how perky and bold she is. And when she was asked what her secret was for getting into the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Her personality, of course.

It was my third casting for [VS], and when I came in I said, ‘Third time’s a charm—I didn’t install this weave for nothing!” That lightened the mood a bit. I figured I’ll just show my personality, and if they like it, they like it; if they don’t, they don’t. It paid off in the end.


So even if you aren’t a professional model, or a known celebrity, you can make it into this industry. Just let your inner self shine and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be original. 🙂

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