How To Get Model Glowing Skin

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Hey girl, if you’re like me you’re probably just a simple glam girl looking for the most basic things in life: career success, true love, lots of friends, and, oh, perfect skin. That’s right, even the best models are haunted by fears of blackheads, zits, and dark circles that could ruin their day–or their audition, photo shoot, or hot date. While this might seem crazy, EVERY girl fears this and so we must take every step necessary to make sure our fears never come true, especially when we least expect it.

We want to feel confident and beautiful and like we can conquer the world–after all, we are she-heroes–but we can’t if our skin is not looking and feeling its best. We want to look like some of my fav models here:

These girls have perfect skin, but so can all of us. Check out my girl dishing her secrets on how to get glowing model skin.

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