How To Survive A Runway Fall

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Let’s face it! Modelling isn’t just about posing in front of cameras. Sometimes, you will get opportunities to strut your stuff on the runway for a fashion show. Regardless if it’s a big event or not, it’s still an opportunity to find potential projects in the future. But we’re not here to talk about how to perfect your runway strut. We’re here to talk about how you can survive a runway fall.

How To Survive A Runway Fall

I know, I know. That’s not going to be one of the best moments in your life and you will remember it for a couple of days or so. But just like any other confident and empowered woman out there, we’re here to help you overcome that experience by sharing with you a few tips.

First things first, here’s one of the important things that you can do to prevent it from happening. So we could just skip the falling part and get on with our lives.

Practice Walking

No, not just walking but walking with different types of shoes and heels. Find a way on how to keep your balance with the weirdest shoes you can see at the mall. Sometimes, you might even have to purchase a couple of shoes you can’t even wear on a normal basis because it probably looks like Lady Gaga’s red carpet costume. Its sole purpose can be for practicing and nothing more. (Unless there’s a Halloween or costume party you’re going to attend to.) It may be 6-10 inches in height and that may just break your leg in an instant, but proper posture and balance can help you prevent falls from happening in general. While practicing, don’t forget to take it in slow strides first. Once you get used to the feeling, you’ll find ways on how you can walk without falling head over heels. There’s a reason behind why there are women who can run with their high heels regardless of how uncomfortable it looks to others. It was probably because that person owns more than 10 pairs and she can even dance Single Ladies by Beyoncé while wearing them.

If it’s possible to borrow the actual shoes before the runway walk, feel free to do that!

Now, if the fall cannot be avoided…

Fall With Grace

I never even thought it was possible to fall with grace. A normal person’s reaction would be to have her mouth wide open in surprise or her face distorted in such a way that it’s terribly funny for other people as she falls. In a worst-case scenario, curses start spilling out of your mouth just like a sailor. Don’t do that! Avoid doing that at all costs. I bet that before you even trip, you’re already aware of how the shoes are fitting uncomfortably on your feet and how it makes your knees feel unsteady. At this point, you might have already caught people’s attention, but try your best to not attract more attention by creating a scene. Be professional. Even models make mistakes like this. People won’t judge you for it because the moment you started walking on that runway, they already knew how deadly your high heels look. Also, keep in mind that you should just let yourself fall rather than preventing it. Don’t ever use your hands or your elbows to prevent your fall. This could lead to further injuries!

Now, look at this model right here. Who knew that falling could make her look twice as fabulous?

How To Survive A Runway Fall

Keep Calm & Smile

The best thing to do is smile, regardless of how you fell. Laugh it off if possible, but not so much as a boisterous laugh. Chuckle if you may, but don’t do anything disruptive. People appreciate it when you show them that you’re fine and you’re a good sport. Don’t panic!

How To Survive A Runway Fall

Stand Up With Confidence

This is the hard part. If you didn’t hurt yourself, standing up again with confidence is also a struggle. You will start to fear that once you start walking, you’ll end up falling again. Don’t be scared and keep your head up. The moment you stand up, strut a pose and rock your walk! If it’s not possible to walk around your high heels anymore, let’s just take the other models’ advice that it’s fine to just take off your shoes and continue walking.

You don’t even have to feel embarrassed with this experience! This is perfectly normal. Even the pros have moments like this!

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Just like what people say, “The show must go on.”


This is a normal thing even for pros. Nothing to be embarassed ladies, we all understand your struggle.


    This is true, you don’t really see the audience laughing. They’re educated individuals that know your effort.


Watching the video in the end made me laugh. Only to realize that it’s such a struggle to be a runway model. Kudos to those that make it look so flawless!


The scary part is if you really hurt yourself.

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