Make-up Transformation: Yay or Nay?

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You’ve always wondered how is it possible for those Instagram celebrities to wake up flawlessly looking, with puckered up lips, perfectly lined eyebrows and softly pinched cheeks.


Well, first of all, you can’t really believe they woke up like that. Unless you’re Candice Swanepoel, who by the way looks like a thousand bucks even without make up.The hashtag #iwokeuplikethis should be banned. Second of all, I am pretty sure that when you see these Instagram celebrities without their makeup on, you won’t even recognize them. Just take a look at these photos:

makeup transformation

makeuptransformation 5


Ever since the world was introduced to Instagram, we were able to have a glimpse of everyone’s personal lives. And when I say everyone, I mean every single one of us who are on Instagram. We get to know what Karlie Kloss ate for breakfast or where Gigi Hadid is heading to next week. But do we really see everything? Or perhaps there is still a lie among these photos? Especially when it comes to how these Instagram celebrities really look like.

I have nothing against makeup or making yourself look pretty. I am in the industry where being pretty and beautiful is your key to making a living. I have been applauding Youtube-ers and Instagram celebrities who have been posting pictures and videos of themselves without makeup. But there is a thin line between showing the world that you’re being true to who you really are behind that expensive lip gloss and eye shadow and objectifying yourself.

Ask yourself, are you following this Instagram celebrity because of how good she looks with makeup on? Will you follow her even if she started posting pictures of her actual daily life WITHOUT makeup?


And how about you? Are you posting pictures of you without makeup? How confident are you to be without makeup on your pictures?

I am not not saying that posting pictures with make up is a bad thing. But before you post your makeup transformation photo, think of why you really want to show it to the world. Because I would rather keep posting natural, make up free pictures of me and occasionally show pictures of me with make up for a shoot or out on a date night, than post a before and after photo.

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