Can You Be a Model If You’re Missing a Limb? YES! Meet Alex Minsky

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This 28-year old retired Marine hottie turned Model, Alex Minsky is gonna keep your eyes onto this screen! Not just because of all the tattoos all over his gorgeous body, his biceps, those buns (drools), and his inspiring story will make your heart melt especially for him.

Alexander Minsky was born on November 7, 1988, was raised in California and him being the eldest of the four siblings. He has a height of 5’10, weighs 165 lbs., and have a 32 waistline. He served for two years in the United States Marine Corps from the year 2008 to 2010, ranking as a Corporal and 2nd Battalion unit. He joined war battles like on Global War on Terrorism, Operation Enduring Freedom, and War in Afghanistan in which the tragic accident happened.

He lost his right leg in Afghanistan after his truck hit a roadside bomb. After 47 days in coma with a traumatic brain injury, he started a slow journey towards recovery being in the hospital for a total of 17 months. But then, his drinking problem set him back because of his brother’s death due to drug overdose. Motivated to get out of it, he started going to the gym, keeping his focus on working out. With a twist of events, while doing his session of routine, the photographer, Tom Cullis, approached him and convincing him that he should give modeling a shot.


“I just want people to look at me and not give up, to not quit.” – He says. Having one leg doesn’t hinder him on becoming this person he is now, it even became his asset to his modeling and may even bring him to even a better career.

And now he’s open to being more than a model, but a role model to other“- ABC News

“Alex wants to be an inspiration to people to move past their disabilities, and don’t give up” – Tom Cullis


Here’s how Alex Minsky is an inspiration:

He’s an inspiration to those who have their disabilities to never give up, and that their disability should not hinder them from doing what they want to do. And by being brave to how they are, it could open up opportunities that they wouldn’t expect. You’ll never know what the world will surprise you 🙂

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