Model Discloses Shocking Treatment of Models in China

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The name Meredith Hattam may not ring an instant bell. A former model and now a successful journalist, she has recently created quite a buzz after sharing her story with the world about the horrible experiences she had while modeling,  and the awful treatments of models in China. She knows the modeling industry inside and out. And needless to say, she knows some terrible things about the industry.


Her story revealed horrific tales of how a 16 year old aspiring model, Lana, was forced into a strict diet of nothing except boiled eggs until she lost inches off her frame, and even had whatever minuscule amount that she earned, taken away from her as a punishment for weight gain!

Not only that, Meredith went on to reveal other shocking details that disclosed how a 14 year old  has to work for 9 hours straight for a very little pay. Her experience in China goes on to reveal how models are offered jobs to ‘entertain’ businessmen and fired straightaway if refused and more.  She also mentions working on luxury brand jobs where model’s wages get paid directly to their agents and scouts, and the other half get used for expenses.

No wonder though that Meredith now works for the Model Alliance, an advocacy group for the models, and supported by the top models, like Coco Rocha, who also had a difficult time breaking into her career.

This is not the first time that we’ve heard stories of the dark side of the modeling industry. With just a little bit of mindfulness, correct research and with guidance of reputable modeling agencies, I can assure you that you can pursue a successful modeling career without any setback.

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