Modeling Hacks: How to Get You Camera Ready

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Ready? Smile! Look at this side. Chin up. Pose! That’s it. One more. Another one! Pose!”

You have to know your best angles to be able to show the best shot you can give. But it’s not as easy as it looks. (How I wish it was!) At some photos, you’ll appear stiff and sometimes caught in an awkward pose. (yikes!) You also need to be comfortable with yourself for a better pose as well as having a good connection with your photographer. So here are some few tips that could help you ace that photoshoot and have that flawless picture.

Be Yourself

The gorgeous Shay Mitchell

Don’t exaggerate yourself in a photo shoot. It’s a disaster for you and your photographer. it’s better to just be simple as you are to show the real you in your photos. Allow yourself to be open to let your true essence shine.

Keep it Classic

Remove any statement pieces in you during a photo shoot like your favorite sport team earrings, flag shirts, or your ripped up band t-shirt take away from the subject – you. Classic lines, solid colors, simple look, and confidence makes enough of a statement to show the YOU in the picture!

Take Care of You

It’s always needed to take care of yourself all the time. But it’s highly recommended the night before the shoot. Pamper yourself and get that beauty rest! It does wonders, I’m telling you!

Coif Correctly

It’s fine to have those trendy looks for a photo shoot. BUT. NOT. ON. THE. DAY. OF. THE. SHOOT. If you want to style it, have it 5 to ten days prior to the shoot. The idea of compensating those flaws about yourself is a total self-misguidance.

Heavy Bling? Just Say No

Don’t over accessorized yourself! You’re not a Christmas decoration that needs to have bling all over you. Just have a simple statement piece that could highlight the whole you. Have a necklace and a ring or a bracelet and a pair of earrings. It’s just a matter of balance with your look.

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