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New Faces

Why it’s great:

  • Tons of real-life success stories, complete with interviews and photos. New Faces has by far the most real stories showing success.
  • Was started by and is run by — get this — a real model, way back in 1995 (so you don’t have to worry about paying to upgrade and them going out of business, like other sites).
  • Most of the top agents and casting directors are members.
  • By far the best and the most legit castings of any portfolio / modeling website. They seem to have all the good, professional ones.
    • Side note: Because they also have actors on the site, you’ll have access to film and tv castings as well.
    • They screen the agents, photographers and casting directors that sign up by forcing them to pay a $5 fee to verify their real name and email.
  • Zero complaints online or in the Better Business Bureau.
    • Side note: There was an unaffiliated company in Long Island calling themselves “New Faces Development Center” and scouting models, and that company got a lot of complaints online, but as of 2012 (the trademark owner of  the words “New Faces”) completed a legal battle against them and won. The result was that the other company can no longer call themselves “New Faces” and have since changed their name to “Model and Talent Development”. Unfortunately a lot of the bad reviews that the Long Island company racked up are still online, so don’t get confused!

Why it sucks:

  • You have to upgrade to apply to the good castings. However, you can apply to Extras castings for free, to get your foot in the door.
  • Their homepage is definitely cluttered.
  • It can be slow loading if you’re on a slow internet connection (like running off a 3G hotspot, for example).


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