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A reader sent me this message through Facebook, and I thought I would share it with you:

Question: Hi, I am writing to you for some advice about joining a modelling agency. I have wanted to become a model for years but keep coming across companies just trying to take your money with no intendancy to give out model work. I have just recently come across I have done an application over the phone and now waiting to see if I will be accepted. If I am accepted they will give me a 3 year contract with a fee of £145. I have been told I should never pay an agency? But I don’t know how else I can go about becoming a model without joining an agency? Thanks, Carmen

Answer: That one looks fake to me. After trying many, the only online service I like is Otherwise, find a real agency in your city (try using Google Maps and searching for model agency) and visit them in person at their office to see how many bookers they have and how professional they are. Ask for proof of recent jobs they’ve gotten their models. Avoid signing an exclusivity or mother agency agreement — tell them you will once they start getting you work. And always check out reviews online and in the Better Business Bureau.

Here are a few pictures of my beautiful reader, Carmen:





Good luck, Carmen!

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