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No, we are not saluting Rick Guidotti because of his amazing fashion photos. Though he has a great fashion portfolio. We are saluting Rick Guidotti because he wants to change how the world looks at children with genetic conditions. And he did change the world with his program, Positive Exposure.

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In one of Rick’s TED talks, he said that he is tired of being told who is beautiful and who isn’t in the fashion industry. He is an artist, he says, and sees beauty in every little thing. So as his story goes, he went for a walk along New York city outside of his studio and he saw a beautiful girl with long, white hair and blue eyes. And that’s when his curiosity about Albinism started.

rick guidotti positive exposure

A shot from Rick’s first shoot with an albino girl

One of Rick's more recent images

One of Rick’s more recent images

He read about all the negative things that people, even the healthcare professionals and medical journals, say about children suffering from disease just like this. He even went to an organization rallying the children suffering from pigmentation diseases because he wanted to take photos of them and show them in a more positive light.

Watch his TED talk video here:

Isn’t he inspiring? Follow his Positive Exposure project on Facebook here.

And here’s a TED talk by a top model who’s an albino:

Diandra Forrest, top model

Diandra Forrest, top model


So the next time someone insults the way you look, feel pity for them and realize that it’s their own limitations that don’t let them see all the beauty in the world the way many other people are able to.

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