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Though Jamilla Hoogenboom is new to the modeling industry, she isn’t a fashion industry virgin. This rising top model actually started as a Dutch fashion design student. And if it weren’t for Jamilla’s friends, she wouldn’t be in the industry right now.

Jamilla has walked the runway for Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, and Ricky Owens in the beginning of her career. Though she’s had a lot of experience on the runway, Jamilla Hoogenboom is more blessed behind photographers like David Sims, Daniel Sannwald, and Juergen Teller. And what does she like most about posing for photos?

“You’re given a story, and you have to feel it; in that way, modeling is a little like acting. I also love the shoots where I can show my natural personality, but it’s nice to be able to play a character in one image and then be yourself in another.”

Here is a short interview:

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