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Here are some great videos from model1s about how models diet and eat. You can watch them and get tips, or you can do this, and watch your body transform!

Find out how I stay in shape

What to eat:

  • Lots of organic vegetables (for vitamins and protein)
  • Lots of organic fruits (yummy!)
  • nuts, in moderation (for good fats to make your skin and hair look gorgeous, and for protein)
  • organic oatmeal with berries / fruit (berries have lots of antioxidants, which help keep you looking young)
  • Drink a ton of water (no, not juice, Gatorade, Vitamin Water or drinks with sugar or chemicals… just plain ol’ water)

My advice add fruits to your water – it makes

What not to eat:

  • Bread (it doesn’t do anything for you except pack pounds on)
  • Junk food, pizza, etc.
  • Protein shakes and bars (unless you’re a body builder, these will only make you gain weight)
  • Meat of any kind (I know this one is hard, but look up “vegan” recipes to make it easier… I promise you’ll notice a huge difference in your overall health and the way you feel from this tip!)


Top Model Bio

Cassandra Bankson is an American model and online personality from San Francisco, California. She has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The Anderson Cooper Show, among other international television shows. She has been featured in magazines including Vogue, Seventeen, Glamour Magazine, Forbes, In Touch Weekly, US Weekly, and the Cover of Reveal Magazine, UK and newspapers The New York Post, SUN Uk, Pleasanton Weekly, Daily Mail.

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Great advice! I definitely noticed a difference in my body and energy levels when I started eating like this and minimizing bread, etc. Thanks, Sarah!

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