Top Qualities That You Need To Have As A Model

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Being a model isn’t just about your height, your body or your looks. Most of the time, your qualities can boost your career in so many ways. While these things won’t guarantee success in a snap, these can be some of the best tools that can help you flourish in your career.


Models need to have a healthy lifestyle in order to keep their game on point. You can’t expect to look good and feel good if you don’t take care of yourself holistically. The first quality that you need to have is discipline in all aspects. Whether it’s about what you eat, how you manage to fit an exercise routine to your busy schedule, having the patience to have a skincare routine that’s done religiously, or simply how you train yourself to sleep 6-10 hours a day is a must.

Top Qualites You Need To Have As A Model 7

If your friends are daunting you to drink with them all night and you know you have a big photo shoot the next day, consider your priorities. Be aware of the consequences of your acts and have the discipline to act on it the right way. Success doesn’t come to those who don’t sacrifice a thing or two.


When you’re passionate about something, you’ll always go an extra mile in order to be the best in what you do. Even if it’s just as simple as knowing how to do your own hair and makeup whenever emergencies arise, such as when the makeup artist didn’t show up, this is always a plus.

Passion will always lead you to work hard on the things you do; that you won’t just give up until you’re fully satisfied. Even if you struggle walking in sky-high heels, you’ll practice your walk a million times in front of the mirror because you love what you do.


Top Qualites You Need To Have As A Model 7


This includes being on time with your engagements. Just because they won’t start without you it doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to come late.

Great models don’t waste other people’s time by keeping others waiting. You value the time of others as you would value yours.

If there are instructions given to you beforehand, consider doing them in the given timeframe. This can include makeup artists reminding you to moisturize your face before heading to the shoot, or putting lip balm on your lips so it’s easier to put lipstick on you and they don’t have to deal with dry chapped lips on-set. Some would even ask you to do those religiously for a week, especially if they’re aware that your skin isn’t in its best condition. As simple as their requests are, be sure to do them so they know you’re taking the job seriously. Sometimes, even if they don’t ask you to do those, it’s your responsibility to keep your body and skin looking its best because they’re your main selling point. Don’t forget to do your homework as well. If you’re going to work with a clothing brand, do your research on how they usually do their shots. So more or less, you already know the poses and expressions you’re going to do.

Top Qualites You Need To Have As A Model


You’re a model, not a diva. You need to network well and familiarize yourself with designers, photographers, stylists, makeup artists and fellow models. Because if you don’t, then how else will you get yourself out there? You are your best tool in marketing yourself. Be your own brand.

The best way to do this, especially if you’re new, is to be friendly with everyone. If the people you work with like you, the more they’ll consider getting you for more projects. Make sure that you’re easy to work with and they don’t see you like you’re such a burden and a liability to work with. Be humble. Appreciate the work that everyone is doing on-set. It’s not a one-man project and it’s not just about you.

If it’s the first time that you’re working with the photographer, feel free to ask about their views and goals on the project. That’s a good way to keep you in the loop and on the same side as to how they have envisioned the whole thing.

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This is a very basic guide but it’s the hardest to follow. It’s just about loving your career and loving the people around you that’s helping you do well in the industry.

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