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Now that Molly Sims have changed her priorities from modeling and acting to her husband and daughter, she is able to open up about the horrors of what she went through when she was still at the peak of her career.

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Among these horrors were walking for 14 miles everyday as a preparation for a photo shoot, not eating anything for a couple of days (very unhealthy y’all), and even visiting a plastic surgeon at the age of 23 asking for smaller calves.

Someone who is already genetically blessed with such great features, Molly Sims shouldn’t even consider any changes to her body. Body image issues like this seem to have stemmed out from the industry itself and from the media who keeps showing their audience unrealistic body goals and facial structures. We know now and are very much aware that these bodies and faces have been retouched, redone and magically enhanced with the use of software programs like Photoshop.

Through changing her priorities, she was able to overcome the body image issues that she went through. Imagine feeling horrible in a photo and then seeing that photo 5 years later only to realize that she looked hot. It’s a nightmare.

Here is the complete interview of Molly Sims opening up to her extreme body image experience:

The trend these days seem to be that models are in a revolution against the notion of perfection. What do you guys think about this?

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