What’s Inside a Model’s Bag?

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Is there someone who isn’t curious about what’s inside of a model’s bag? With all those luggages they carry that looks like they going travelling when the truth is they’re just going on a photoshoot. Like, whoah! Their clothes and make-up for the shoot are already provided. What else could they possibly be bringing?

What could be the other essentials that models would bring when they have photoshoots? Well, let’s end this curiosity and here are the things that you can found inside a model’s bag.



You should always have your portfolio whenever you go to interviews, bookings, or even if you’re already hired to do the job. Your book should have your photos and comp cards only. Remove any contact sheets, negatives, notes or junk. Your portfolio should be neat and tidy, not a catch-all for stuff. And make sure you have copies with you in case you need one for a client or to an agent.



It’s essential to have the basic make-up like foundation, BB Creams, concealer, a palette, lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara, and so on. Male models don’t need all of these, but it’s a good investment to have atleast a concealer, and a blush palette. These could help whenever there is in need for a little touch up.



Women should have a selection of undergarments such as a regular and pushup bra, strapless bra, one-piece bodysuit, panties, thong, boy cut underwear, stockings and socks. Just in case the client would like you to wear their undergarments be sure you have some panty liners. It is polite to use a panty liner when wearing garments that are not your own. Also, remember to have other feminine products with you at all times. Male models should have a selection of undergarments such as simple boxers, boxer briefs and low rise briefs that are form fitting to your body. Men should also have clean white and black t-shirts and tanks.



It’s good to have a selection of heels with different heights and colors according to the type of shoot you’re going to. You can ask your agent or booker what type of shoes to bring so you’re not lugging around heavy shoes. And don’t forget to have a slippers on the side. You need them to rest those feets after hours of shoot in those killer heels!





Hair products like comb, elastic bands, brush, bobby pins, hair spray, hair gel are needed. And other beauty products for skin and body like deodorant, perfume or cologne, lotion, sanitizer, make-up remover, moisturizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss are essentials for personal and hygiene purposes.




Photoshoots, fittings and shows can often go on much longer than planned. Don’t try to work when you are starving, besides no one wants to work with a hungry, grumpy model. Remember that a professional model will never eat while wearing the client’s clothes! If it is absolutely necessary be sure the client’s clothing is covered with a towel or something to protect it.



We know you’ll remember your cell phone, but don’t forget to take your charger and your power bank that you always keep in your bag ready to go. Remember to put your cell phone on silent or turn it off while you are working and on the client’s time. And make sure to have GPS or Google Maps to arrive at the right place to meet with the client. For pass time, earphones is always a must and some music. Don’t forget to take some selfies!


Having a list for your essentials is never too much because you’ll never know what you might forget. These are what’s inside the bag of a model. Are your bag ready?

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